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In Praise of Small Condominiums

Less is More with Small Condos

Have you ever heard of the saying “less is more”? This saying applies to many things in life including condos. For one thing simplifying with less space can equals more time to do your favourite things such as hobbies, sports, travel or volunteer work. A small 650 square foot condo might be just the thing you need in your life. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages.

More Time

First of all, do you really want to spend your days off on the weekend cleaning your condo? The larger your home or the larger your condo equals more time spent in cleaning it. Is this the way you want to spend your precious time after working all week when you could be doing things that you love and want to do! Why you could be out on the golf course or taking a walk. Or what about being with your friends on the weekend? Why not put your time to better use, and have your cleaning done in just one hour in your small condo. Now that’s really something to consider!

More Money Saved

And have you thought of the money that you will save in purchasing a smaller condo versus a larger one? It’s not just the purchase price that will save you money. And that’s not all, think of the cash you will save on property taxes! Between saving money on the purchase price for a smaller condominium and less money paid out in taxes, why you could save this money for something special like a trip. Or eating out at all the great restaurants Calgary has to offer. Maybe the smaller price tag allows you to get into the market, instead of staying a renter. Small condos can allow you to pay yourself instead of a landlord.

Less Stuff

In adapting to a smaller space, new condominium owners confess that downsizing has been liberating. For in this process, many people have gotten rid of their extra baggage and “stuff”. Really, if you haven’t used your “stuff” in a year, do you really need it? Chances are the answer is “no”. Time and time again, people feel “free” when they are not bound by their baggage anymore. After all if you don’t use this stuff, it’s time either to pass it on to someone else or to sell it!

But then again, you still have to keep some “stuff. Most people have sporting equipment like golf clubs, snowboards bikes. Don’t forget the Christmas tree! Where will you put that if you own a small condominium? That certainly won’t go in your new 650 square foot one bedroom condo! The solution to this is the storage locker for each condominium unit. Every condo owner needs a storage locker for their seasonal stuff. Developers are taking notice and making sure that storage lockers are part of every condo. These lockers are usually found in a convenient location in every condominium building.

Stylish Furniture

Really, have you had a look at the new sleek small condominiums that are found in show suites around Calgary these days? If so, you will see contemporary and sleek urban furniture that is literally a “perfect fit” for these smaller condos. But, if you take a closer look you will notice, no doubt, that this contemporary furniture is scaled to the size of a small condominium. No overstuffed couches and love seats!

One way of doing this is to maximize all floor space that is available with furniture that has an amazing design. Ottomans that double as coffee tables, sculptured chairs instead of love seats, chase lounges replacing bulky couches are some of the choices available to the new owner of a smaller condominium. And, the best part is that there is a wide range of choices to suit every budget. The choice is yours! From Home Evolution to Ikea, chic scaled down furniture is now available for everyone. For many small condo buyers, purchasing this type of furniture is a high priority on their list.

Built-In Furniture

However, there is another trend in smaller condominium furniture, and that is builder installed “built in” furniture. In addition to smaller functional furniture that is available at Ikea and Home Evolution, you will see “built in” pieces of furniture in many small condos on display in show suites around the city. Some examples are the customized work stations tucked in a corner or against a wall in these newer condos. This type of furniture takes up less space than a desk plus you don’t need a separate room for office space. Or perhaps, the builder will feature a “Murphy” bed” in the livingroom. As a “built in” no one will ever know that this wooden panel will actually fold out into a bed for company. Or maybe for an AirBnB guest to help subsidize your cash flow. What a great idea!

More Amenities

If this type of small condo living fits your life style, make a list of amenities that you need and require. Don’t forget to include your wish list of “want” items. You’ll be surprised to see what builders are including in walk friendly buildings around the city. Exercise facilities, movie theaters, games rooms, owners lounges, car wash bays, main floor shops and stores like coffee shops and even grocery stores. Then, as you’re looking around the city for that ideal smaller condo, take the list with you and tick of the amenities in each condominium you see.

With condominium space at a premium in Calgary, there is a big selection of small condos on the market. As an increasing number of people are making a smaller condo their home, they are experiencing the many advantages of living in 650 square feet.

Yes, often “less is more”- even in small condominium living!



Liz Bergeron

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