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Common Areas and Curb Appeal Matters

Spring Matters

So at last it’s spring here in Calgary! If you’re like me, you’re thinking, “It’s about time”. We’ve all had enough of winter especially this winter with all the nasty cold snaps, snow and ice. To put it bluntly, we’ve all just had enough of being indoors for months now! It’s time to embrace what matters this spring and get busy.

However, with the spring season comes spring cleaning. This means cleaning our condo suites and condominium buildings both on the inside and on the outside as well. This is the time of year when many condo boards and building managers will take a “walk about” in both the common areas of their condominium building in addition to assessing the building from the outside.

These people need to see how their condominium’s exterior made it through the winter. Also on their “to do” list is to plan for upcoming landscaping in addition to scheduling window washing and parkade cleaning as well as other seasonal jobs to be done around their condo building. This list can be endless! This gives the residents in a condominium building a great opportunity to view their own building as if they were a prospective buyer. What do they, the residents, think of their condo building’s common areas and curb appeal?

First Impressions

Remember, first impressions are extremely important. They have a lot of impact. Why just look at the renovation shows on TV, and how important curb appeal is to a property. However, in a condominium building, the decision to improve a property’s curb appeal must be made collectively. In condo living, no one person ever makes the final decision. This brings up the challenge of what you are going to do as neighbours and owners in both the inside and the outside of the building.

As a condo owner, it is difficult to assess your condo unit and condominium building from the viewpoint of a purchaser. It is downright hard to be objective, and to see everything from the eyes of a buyer.

So when it comes to common areas and exteriors of a condominium building, where do property managers and condo boards look for help? The answer is they look to real estate agents. These professionals can be a great resource in providing both condominium boards and property managers alike with excellent feedback regarding a building’s appeal. It is worth noting that common areas and curb appeal equals first impressions!

Perhaps, it is time to ask your condominium neighbours and those on the condo board about the lobby in your building. Should the colour scheme be updated? Or should new furniture be purchased? Would mirrors enhance this space? Or perhaps, would new doors to the condo building make for a better first impression for buyers?

Curb Appeal

Or on another note, perhaps people in your condominium building are concerned about the curb appeal of the exterior of your building. Are there enough shrubs? If a tree or shrub didn’t make it through the winter, will it be replaced with another tree or another shrub? Is there adequate shrubbery between a road and the condominium building? What is the condition of the roof? Do the windows need to be caulked?

As much as we “love” our condos, there will come a time when we will eventually list them with a realtor to be sold. And, creating that great first impression for a buyer is well within your scope and ability. But remember, a buyer’s first impression of a condominium happens way before the door to a suite is unlocked.

These first impressions are created when buyers look at a condo building as they are standing on the side walk and looking at it. These impressions are either enhanced or diminished as buyers walk through the front doors and into the lobby of a condominium building. More impressions are made as perspective buyers use the elevator and walk down the hall to a condo suite. As an individual owner, you don’t have much to say about the outside of your building or the common areas in a condominium building. However, by appealing to your condo board, great strides can be made both outside and inside of your condo building. Indeed, great strides can be made in both making first impressions and the marketability of your building.

Today’s market Matters

In the current market, buyers have a lot of selection. There is a lot of competition and that matters too. Due to this, both condo boards and property managers alike have the opportunity now to increase the marketability of a condominium building.  Now is the time to take a proactive approach to such things as curb appeal as well as common areas. For in upgrading both the curb appeal in addition to the common areas, a condominium building can be “showcased” in the minds of the buyers as well as the individual condo suite for sale in the building.

The question ultimately is, “Will your building and your unit stand out for buyers when it comes time to list them with a realtor?

It’s up to you to answer positively, “yes”.



Liz Bergeron

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